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BMW Emblem 51767288752 Hood Trunk Badge 82mm The Monster EX 18

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EX 18

EX 18 The Monster design, compatible with BMW emblem for:1-Serie, 2-Serie, 3-Serie, 4-Serie, 5-Serie, 7-Serie, X1-Serie, X3-Serie, X4-Serie, X5-Serie, X6-Serie, X7-Serie

EX 18 Compatible with BMW emblem for: E81 E82 E87 E87 LCI F20 F20 LCI F21 F21 LCI F40 F52 F22 F22 LCI F23 F23 LCI F44 Gran Coupé F45 SAT F45 SAT LCI F46 MPV F46 MPV LCI F87 M2 F87 M2 LCI E21 E46 E90 E90 LCI E91 E91 LCI E92 E92 LCI F30 F30 LCI F31 F31 LCI F34 GT F34 GT LCI F35 F35 LCI F80 M3 F80 LCI M3 G20 G21 F32 F32 LCI F33 F33 LCI F36 F36 LCI F82 M4 F82 LCI M4 F83 M4 convertible F83 LCI M4 Convertible E39 E60 E60 LCI E61 E61 LCI F07 GT F07 GT LCI F10 F10 LCI F11 F11 LCI F90 M5 G30 G31 G32 GT E65 E66 F01 F01 LCI F02 F02 LCI G11 G11 LCI G12 G12 LCI F92 M8 G15 G16 Gran Coupé X1 (E84) X1 (F48) X1 (F48LCI) X1 (F49) X1 (F49LCI) X2 (F39) X3 (E83) X3 (E83LCI) X3 (F25) X3 (G01) X3 (G08) X3 M (F97) X4 (F26) X4 (G02) X4 M (F98) X5 (E53) X5 (E70) X5 (E70LCI) X5 (F15) X5 (G05) X5 M (F85) X6 (E71) X6 (E72 Hyb) X6 (F16) X6 (G06) X6 M (F86) X7 (G07) M2 CS Racing

Box contents: suitable for BMW emblem for car tuning 82 mm. The base is made of high quality ABS, the coating is 100% UV protective flexible silicone dome sticker. PVC film, high-resolution printing. No yellowing, fading, peeling, injury. The surface of the stick is self-healing after intervention with a hard object.

Attention: Please check the part number of your BMW emblem. If the number is 51767288752, everything is fine, you can buy with confidence and safety.

NO RISK: If you are not completely satisfied with your order, just contact us and you will receive a full refund. If you order now, take absolutely no risk! We offer our products with a 100% high quality and a money back guarantee.

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